Thursday, August 28, 2008

je veux parler à vous sous le soleil

i walk quickly. mind scattered with thoughts. strange green dance in front of me and swap me in the face as i pick up the pace even more. i feel as if i am going in circles. have i seen that brown board before? it lays on top of... metal? is it metal? it looks rather brown as well. i turn around and sprint away from the green that hangs from the sky and hurts me. i run fast and end in an open space. i sit. it is comfortable. i feel safe for once. i lean back and feel a rush past my face. it is nice. again the rush comes and it shakes my hair. "HEY LADY!" i hear coming from a deep voice. suddenly harsh figures surround me. and the rush comes again. this time with my eyes open i can see it. a circular object zooms past me with its black and white spinning. "lady. i am sorry that i yelled at you but you cannot be here." the figure walks closer the brightness crashing on him from behind. "we are playing a game" the figure says again. i jump as it seems to hover toward me. my calm place is no longer calm. i leave. quickly. turning and spinning this place seems so surreal. little figures grab to things, hang from bars and hurdle one another. i am confused. they are so small. they push off from the ground and fly into the blue above and then hurl themselves back to the brown beneath, barely missing it. does this not scare them? one falls and a redness oozes from the very spot. do i do that too? do i want to find out? out of no where a harsh ring comes to my ears. is that from the red? i do not like my place anymore. how have i found myself here? i turn and i turn and i turn until it becomes hazy. i can no longer see the figures or the green that hangs from the blue or the circle of black and white. i no longer know where my happy place was or where it will be. i turn and turn and turn and finally, finally i become comfortable.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the trick to doing your laundry correctly..

75 cents. And some brain power. Which I do not really have but we can forget that right now. So Miami is a beautiful place. Fully equipped with palm trees and beaches... wait. I don't see any palm trees... or beaches! So then, where are we?? We are in Oxford, Ohio silly. Where the sun shines a beautiful 85 degrees during the day and there are actual seasons. Yes the leaves on the real trees (no palm trees) turn gorgeous shades of orange and red and... brown. (I feel like I am doing a lot of dot dot dots.) The place where dreams are made. Miami University. NOT the University of Miami. I get quite defensive when it comes to that. Have you ever seen 'Mean Girls'? Well so far with my roomies (3) there have been many. I am getting along with them quite well, and for the friends at home, well, eh. Yay friends putting in effort! Walk walk walk, talk talk talk. I think I came back to my dorm fully equipped with 3 blisters after the first day. And there has totally been a lot of conversing. I have met more people in 2 days then I have in maybe 4 years. That could be totally untrue but you never know. And out of how many of those people do I actually remember their names? 4? 5? That's what I have Rachel (roomie #1) for.  Large font, I have bad eye sight. And apparently a very random and disorganized mind. Unorganized? Disorganized? Well it's all over the place. 12:59 wayyy past my bed time. Good night moon. 

Oh, and don't forget to separate the whites from the darks.