Thursday, October 2, 2008


first off, to be blunt, the second one, that was forever long, put me to sleep. so i guess you could say that is kind of a difference. not in writing style but oh well. the second one (teacher version) kept going on and on and making odd connections. Like talking about racism. The first one (the kid version) was more talking about how he felt about obama and how obama was great and powerful and how his speech was awesome, to him. it was a personal essay more while the second one was more like blah blah racism blah blah sheep. they both comment on their racial background, though the second one talks more about slavery and al sharpton while the first one connects his racial background back into today. either way they both have positive and negatives aspects to him and his speeches. they talk about how he likes to connect to the people, the first one more than the second. to tell you the truth i dont remember a lot about the second. i remember that he went off on weird tangents like about how al sharpton said in a speech once that slaves were promised land and a sheep and they still havent gotten land and a sheep. ok great. so yeah. samesies and nonsamesies. funn

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