Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the magical amount

"kool" that sounds cool doesn't it? and spelt in a new in and innovative way. so it would totally make you 'kool' too right? well that is what they want you to think. they make it pretty colors and a cool design to draw you in. a catchy phrase like "we build the house of menthol" with the buildings in the background and a pretty looking cigarette on the side makes you think hmm that looks good. maybe ill look pretty as well if i try it. so thats when it starts. they hook you on the cool design and pretty colors, you teenagers with blossoming minds (they like to hook you on in when you are young so you will be smoking for a longer period of time), to make you want it. notice that the disclaimer on the bottom is tiny and bland and the KOOL (with the overlapping o's) is big and pretty so you won't notice it. it lures you in with the 3D background as well. it makes you want it, teenager. so come and get it. and you will be kool. or kewl. or cool. either one, it still makes you look awesome. Right? okay so back to the question before, does it really make you look that cool? no way josé. maybe at the beginning you will feel cool with the ugly white and yellow skinny cylinder between your fingers and your lips and the smoke rising in all sorts of shapes in front of your face. but does it look cool when your teeth start to rot and turn yellow and on the inside your lungs are fading away and turning black? does it sound cool to hear that what you are doing is not only killing yourself but also killing the people you do it around? does it sound awesome that that pretty looking smoke rising around your face will turn your young face into wrinkles? ha. so naive. and thats why they like you. because they can mold your minds. don't let them. think about it for a second. because once you start you, even if your little brains think other wise, you wont be able to stop. just because that cigarette on the side is looking fancy and the buildings pop and it is called KOOL doesn't mean it actually is. so, teenager, use your little naive brains and think otherwise. prove that you are smarter than the tobacco companies think you are. you can do it, i believe in you. 

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