Thursday, November 13, 2008

1.) What your topic will be and what kind of claim you'll be making within that topic, then think about
I am thinking that my topic will be Invisible Children of Northern Uganda in Africa. Invisible Children is a nonprofit organization that raises money for these 'invisible children'. the money goes to schools in Northern Uganda to give children who have been displaced from their homes and former child soldiers a place to learn. the money builds schools and provides books and desks, pencils and other learning supplies. Many people hear about Darfur in Sudan and the wars in Kenya but rarely do you hear of people knowing about Northern Uganda and the wars that have been raging there for over 20 years, and how this war has stolen children from their homes and killed many people for no reason.
2.) who are you talking to, what do you know about them, and why do they need to hear what you have to say. After you've establised these two things, it'll be faily easy to think about
The general public, from teenagers to adults. the topic is too stressful for children.
3.) what medium, or combination of mediums, will best communicate your point. Think about what kind of learning experince (i.e. "recieved knower," "subject knower," "procedual knower," "commitment knower") you want your reader/viewer to take part in. If you are still not sure what you want to do, try out something that kind-of-sort-of interests you in this paragraph and see what happens--maybe other ideas will come from this.
i think that i want to do something visual, like pictures, or some form of art. pictures in newspapers and on the news is what really gets to people and i think that i will be able to get my point across with something visually stimulating.